My Skincare Routine

SKINCARE ROUTINE. ✨ As far as I know, I don't have a structured skin care routine. Actually, I wasn't really into it before because it's too much work for me. However, time flies and I'm almost 30. As I age, I became conscious about the changes happening on my face. It doesn't bother me that … Continue reading My Skincare Routine



As your grow older you will be meeting a lot of men who will talk a good talk and tell you everything you want to hear. I won't even deny that it'll be pretty tempting to accept everything that comes out of his lips. But sweetheart, even though his words capture your heart, be keen … Continue reading TO MY YOUNGER SELF (2019)

January – February Favorites

Even though it's long over due, I am still going to share my favorite beauty and skin care products for January and February. Enjoy! ♥️ MAKE-UP EB Advance Glow Out Highlighter (Strobe) - ₱ 299.00 Wet n' Wild Megaslicks Lip Gloss (Brillant A Levres) -₱ 199.00 Belo Sunexpert Perfecting Shield Tinted Sunscreen- ₱449.75 EB Advance … Continue reading January – February Favorites

BASIC GUIDE: Make-up Tools (For the Face)

Here are the basic tools that I need (and use) for my face make-up. 💖 ▪️SILICONE SPONGE - used to bounce foundation on the face to achieve a full coverage base. It is suitable in creating a glam look for a night out. ▪️BLENDING SPONGE - multi-purpose sponge that can be used in applying primer, … Continue reading BASIC GUIDE: Make-up Tools (For the Face)

Recovery is a CHOICE.

Yes, you are allowed to have emotions that aren’t positive. You are allowed to feel angry and sad. The emotions were feeling inside are completely normal. However, it’s always up to us to decide what to do with them. If there comes a time when you feel lost from all the negativity around you, find … Continue reading Recovery is a CHOICE.


1. Be kind to yourself. Your body needs self care. As much as possible don't abuse your body. 2. Rest when you're tired. Our body tends to absorb all kinds of negativity especially when our body is weak and vulnerable. 3. Talk to someone about what you're feeling. Have a personal conversation with someone close … Continue reading THINGS TO DO WHEN YOU’RE FEELING DOWN AND LONELY.

ASMR: My Longtime Obsession.

Have you ever experienced having goosebumps while listening to a certain song? Do you find listening to raindrops incredibly relaxing? If so, then you just experienced ASMR. ASMR literally means Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It is a perceptual experience or physical sensation that originated from seeing or hearing certain things. In 2016, I discovered that … Continue reading ASMR: My Longtime Obsession.