Short hair, don’t care.

It’s been a year since I had my last haircut. I was too caught up with work and other important matters therefore grooming was out of the vocabulary.

Yes. I admit it that my hair became tangling, dry and unmanageable. But that was until 2 days ago.

Fast forward to summer. The scorching heat is now evident around the country. The humidity made me uncomfortable to do stuff since I sweat too much. My long hair has not been of great help as well so I have decided to make a move for it.

Before running into some errands, I made a quick stop at a local salon to have my hair fixed. For only 50php (a dollar), I got myself  an inexpensive layered haircut which is somewhat similar to bobs but a bit longer.

Eventhough I was expecting for a longer finish, the end result was great. I said goodbye to my old mermaid curls and have been sporting my new hair every since.

Change is inevitable and inability to change could be fatal.






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