PIG OUT: The Ramen House of Choice

Last night, I had an awesome dinner in one of the best Japanese restaurants in Manila. Since it has been a week when I started craving for Ramen, the wish was finally granted.

After work, I went straight to Bonifacio High Street in Taguig to look for Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen. The place is situated one block after Serendra.


Inside this izikaya, you’ll be intrigued by how the interior was designed. Every table was enclosed inside a circular leather cushion that builds privacy and comfort. It was a great design since it will be easier for everyone to talk to one another. Also, the red walls reflect on the side mirrors creating an illusion of a bigger space.

Once I got cozy inside my own pod, I started placing out my orders. And since it was my first time dining in, one of the staff suggested that I should try their Ajitama Ramen. It was a Chef recommended dish and she was confident that it’ll be a “win-win” situation for me once we tried that bowl.

For only 380php, I received a large bowl of ramen, which I am so willing to slurp out.


The broth was milky and delicious. It definitely went well with their noodles of perfect consistency. (By the way, before placing an order, they will be asking you if you want the noodles to be soft, normal or firm). I picked normal.

Aside from the very in-demand Ramen, I also had another Chef recommended delight, the Spring Roll. To be honest, it was my first time seeing this kind of Harumaki as I was expecting something similar with the usual veggie roll packed with bean sprouts. Although it looked different, I didn’t regret adding this appetizer on my order. The spring rolls were sliced into two and were accompanied by the house’s signature coleslaw. (For those health enthusiasts out there, this is highly recommended. You’ll be getting one full-course meal by just having one order of this plate).


And because any ramen is incomplete without a dumpling partner, I took another liberty to treat myself with Gyuoza. With six of these on my plate, it was a really a good value for your money.


To end my food adventure, I tied the knot with a scoop of salted-caramel ice cream. I’ve been hearing a lot of good feedback about this flavor and man they’re absolutely right. It’s my new palette go-to.


In conclusion, this casual dining experience with Ikkoryu Fukuoka won’t be the last. The menu is on point. The place gives comfort while dining. The staff were very assertive in sharing their thoughts about the menu. And everything listed provides a great value for your money.

Check out their menu in advance.





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