PIG OUT: When Dallas met Manila : A Wingstop PH Review

I have never loved chicken this much. And it’s all your fault, Wingstop!


Based from how I remembered everything, Wingstop and I met over a year ago because of a mutual friend. At first, I was very hesitant to try him out since American casual dining was not my thing. Also being the typical Pinay that I am, I’ve always believed that chicken wings should only be deep fried. Not drenched in flavorful sauces but catsup. I know it was very traditional of me. However, that so-called friend of ours was so persistent that eventually after I had my first bite, the rest was history.


I was suddenly converted to a Wingstop fanatic. From Pasay, I always travel to Eastwood City in Libis just to satisfy my cravings. The Glorietta branch wasn’t existing yet. Also, to be frankfly honest, I am not into too much spices but that didn’t stop me from trying them all. My absolute favorite is their Lemon-Pepper chicken. The recipe doesn’t call for a sauce-covered chicken however, the tangy taste of the lemon juice was so empowering that it became my instant addiction.


Thankfully, after a year of being a certified Wingstop girl, a new spot was opened recently near my work place. Wingstop is now in BGC.

Last May 20th, people came rushing in to the commencement of the new franchise. FREE chicken wings were given to their loyal customers and Wingstop virgins. Luckily, my boyfriend got the chance to experience this once in a lifetime event. I was the one who told him the goodness of these mad chicken wings. After waiting in line for almost an hour due to the number of people who came, he got me 5pcs of the crowd favorite Hickory Chicken. He decided to trade in two of these lovies to his colleagues to try other flavors as well.



The resto looks very casual and inviting. Once inside, their fancy artworks brought in a mixture of hip and modern vibe. Near the counter,Ā  you can instantly have a glimpse of their mouth-watering selections. It’ll get you all prepped-up before placing an order.

Also, Bleu Cheese is always a go-to for me when it comes to choosing a must-have dip. As for side dish, never forget to order their country fries. I love it not because of the large cuts but because they give you a generous amount of fries per serving. Lastly, if you are the rice kind of person, chipotle rice is available as an option.

Price range per order is below 200php. Such an affordable palette pleaser.

Visit the NEW Wingstop at the ground level of Bonifacio Stop-over Bldg., BGC, Taguig.

Until next time,
Larrem Atienza šŸ¼


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