The “What’s in my” kind of post

Hi everyone!

It’s June and we’re half passed 2015. Time flies when you’re having an awesome time right? So to start this month, I am going going to attempt a “What’s in my wallet” post. To be honest, there’s nothing quite special about this handy bankie but might as well share it to all of you. Haha.
[PS: I found my inspiration from We❤It]


From top to bottom (L to R)

● Faux Leather Bi- Fold from Metro. I got this for only 300php (less than $3)
(Before I was using an Anna Sui coin purse but my cards won’t fit.)

● Bills – My on-hand pesos (set as my allowance for the week.)

● Receipts – I always find time for liquidation. It helps me track my daily expenses. Most of my receipts though were from Starbucks. I need Macchiato to fuel me up. The blue ones came from the dry cleaners.

● Keys – Since I’ve been missing my keys lately, my boyfriend decided to give me a panda keyholder. I am obsessed with anything panda so this little baby got me more attentive as to where I put my keys. Great job right?

● Tap card – I always take the bus to and off from work. It’s the most convenient way of traveling around BGC. I consider this a life saver especially when I am running out of change.

● Reward Cards – Since I am both into food and fashion, I have this current obsession wherein I collect shopping cards to gain points for every store purchase. Some find it boring, but hey, I am enjoying it.
[ Guess list, 711, Bench, Metro Rewards. Got tons of other cards not included in the photo because I need to re-new them soon.] #oldmefeels

● License – Yes. Apparently, I still have my prqofessional teaching license even though I quit teaching almost 3 years ago. This serves as one of my government accepted IDs. My driver’s license was not visible since I left it at home. (Currently renting a place near BGC.)

● Restaurant Cards – Aside from collecting points, my food cards serve as an emergency buddy whenever I’m hungry. I always tap up them up since food has always been my number one priority. Hahaha. Kidding. And by the way, you can also use your Jollibee Happy Plus Card at any Chowking branches.

● Spare change – the daily necessity of a working professional.

Now, those were some of the stuff you can see inside my wallet. If you can tell I don’t bring my debit cards with me. This is for the reason that I am trying to learn how to live my life on a budget. (so bringing those with me won’t be a good idea.) I don’t dig credits cards as well. I have a dilemma of settling monthly dues.

It’s your turn. Let me see what’s inside your wallet. 👯

Until next time,
Larrem Atienza 🐼


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