The Modern-day Jurassic: A “Jurassic World” Review

Last June 12, 2015, a Spielberg sequel was introduced to the world by Colin Trevorrow and he baptized it as — Jurassic World.


I was so lucky to got the chance to watch it a day after it was released worldwide. The movie was so overwhelming because of the fact that the Jurassic Park memoirs were brought back to life.

The movie casting involves Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas, Judy Greer and other fresh faces.

Based from an audience’s perspective, the movie was more violent, more terrifying and more thrilling. Numerous scenes were so intensely shot that it sustained terror and peril. You can really witness how people were eaten, trampled, severly injured and torn to shreds. Language is infrequent. Some words used in the movie were unguarded making it PG-13.Ā  For me, it somehow surpassed the sequels but I loved the fact that Colin Trevorrow didn’t mimic the way Spielberg created the Jurassic Park. The effects were amazing. There were rooms for enough visual thrills and humor. Lastly, though it may not be as groundbreaking as Jurassic Park, but the Jurassic world was indeed a fun movie and surely heart quickening.

The genetically modified dinosaur in the movie was called Indominus Rex. The word Indominus came from a Latin word meaning fierce or untamable. Clever right?

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this post were based on my first-hand experience watching the movie. I was not paid to do this. (Though I wish I was) Hahaha.

Until next time,
Larrem Atienza šŸ¼


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