WanderWoman: The Perfect Pamper Partner

I always go gaga over spa and massages. Who wouldn’t? A time to relax and unwind must be very vital if you’re busy working in a corporate world like me.

You can always see me spending my pamper time almost twice a month or more. However, I find it hard to look for my most “Go To” salon. Every time I try a new place, it always ends up as a disaster. Well not all of it, but some.

Luckily, while strolling around the mall, I came across this Hamptons-themed place called Nail-a-holics.


When I walked in, the receptionist gave me a warm welcome which is typical for a place like this. I told her what I want to get done and I liked how she gave me suggestions. Since it was my first time, I love how she managed to get me a promo that incorporated all the services that I mentioned but for a cheaper price. And from that very instant, I was impressed.

Nail-a-holics offers a wide range of services from head to toe. They have nail care, waxing, eyebrow shaping (threading) and massages.

My package includes a mani-ped, foot spa, foot scrub and foot massage. A combination of my heaven on earth. One of the great things about their massage was the fact that they used Argan oil during the process. My legs and sole felt soft and refreshed. The Argan oil smelled so good and relaxing.

I love the beachy feel inside the salon. The ambiance was soothing and calming. The place was so clean. And while lounging on my designated spot, you can really enjoy the comfort of their seats and ottomans. The upholstery matches the room with blue, green and brown.


The staff were friendly. We got the chance to chat and talk about life and stuff. You can really feel the vibe that you are safe and well-taken cared of.

Some people might think that Nail-a-holics sounds pricey but guess what, the price you’ll pay for the services will mirror the quality of relaxation you deserve — The Best.

Nail-a-holics has more than 50 locations all throughout PH and my now “Go To” place is at 4th flr Market Market, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

Follow them on Instagram: @nail.a.holics

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the photos used in this post. I grabbed them from Nail-a-holics since I enjoyed too much of my Me time instead of trying to be a photobug.

Until next time,
Larrem Atienza 🐼


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