The Housewife Apprentice


Since I wanted to spice things up, I have decided to create a new weekly post that will be known as — The Housewife Apprentice.

No dear friends I am not yet married nor engaged but this new segment came from the idea of what my family and friends think about me.

I grew up having someone to help me figure out things and stuff. Someone who will cook for me, clean for me and do chores for me. But I never took advantage of those blessings. Deep inside, I have this audacity to learn. I want to experience everything first hand. Hence giving me the independence to do the things I want — and that’s being a mom to everyone.

Growing up, I love to clean, cook, do arts and crafts, appreciate beauty, embracing wellness, share stories and be with people. These certain behaviors and characteristics are then evident on a certified housewife. (Thus where the title came from.)

I would like to share my journey in learning and exploration. Wonder about the essence of what it’s like to be a housewife. Record weekly discoveries. And lastly, encapsulate good memories to achieve personal growth.

This is not just me alone. This is us. This will be our random sojourn. Every week is going to be fruitful. I am hoping that we can walk through this together.

Faith. Love. Pixie Dust.

Until next time,
Larrem Atienza šŸ¼


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