Lovestruck: Love is a CHOICE.

Remember when “I like you” was enough?
I LIKE YOU was all you ever wanted to hear from someone.
I like you then I LOVE YOU.

Remember when “I love you” was enough?
I love you was the epitome of your feelings for someone.
It meant you two were no longer kids, that you found the one. You were done.
It was enough.

But that was before the exes.
Before disapproving parents.
Before little bad habits that grew into the most annoying thing ever.

It was enough before long distance revealed our weaknesses.
This was before the other half gave up.

I love you was enough before another I love you.
It was enough before we were hurt so deeply.
And before we hurt others so selfishly.

I love you was enough until you found out it wasn’t.

I like you and I love you. They are just words. Statements.
It’s not enough and it won’t ever be if you think that’s all you need.

What makes LOVE enough, what makes it the one — is CHOICE.

Constantly choosing to love despite the imperfections.
Constantly choosing the reality versus the expectations.
Constantly choosing to stay because everything about loving that special someone is worth it.
A choice that is fulfilling.
A choice that you should be proud of.

Until next time,
Larrem Atienza 🐼


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