Pig Out: Booky Manila

Are you a certified foodie in search of a great place to dine? A place where you and your friends can dig into a sumptuous meal. A resto where you can book a date for your special someone. A new hit in town to close a deal — Well look no further because Booky Manila is here to help.


Booky is an application that you can download from your Android or iOS device. This new fave can help you find a place to dine by typing in a mall, an area or a cuisine you prefer. You can also take a glimpse on the restaurant’s menu, price list, store hours, contact details and location.




We have been addicted into a lot of resto locator apps. But what makes Booky different from others is that you can search offline. Yes! There’s no need for you to have data or wifi when on the look out for a place of your choice. This is convenience at it’s best.


I’ve bee on a strict diet recently and Booky Manila has been of great help for me. I am a certified Booky fan.

Until next time,
Larrem Atienza 🐼


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