WanderWoman: Within the Walls


Last September, we had an unusual adventure to a place that preserved history while in the middle of a busy metro. We went to Intramuros.




Intramuros is a Spanish word that means “within the walls”. It is a one of Manila’s Spanish centerpiece that showcases life more than 400 years ago. Intramuros was originally constructed with wooden walls until the Spanish decided to change it to stone in the 1500s.


Within the walls, you can see two of the most renowned universities in the Philippines — Mapua Institute of Technology and Lyceum of the Philippines University. The place also served as a home for lovely colonial houses and relaxing plazas. The famous Manila Cathedral and San Agustin Monastery also resides here just across Casa Manila and Bureau of Treasury. Inside the Cathedral, you will witness such grandiose architecture depicting serenity and strong faith. You can also take a moment to admire the statue of “La Pieta” as the stained glass mirrors behind it gave a heavenly touch to the room. While on the other hand, Casa Manila adopted several priceless antiques arranged beautifully for the public’s eyes.








As we moved along with our journey inside the walls, we reached a place that was known as the Fort Santiago. Being in a place rich in history and greatness, we found out that this fort became the camp of the Japanese during World War II.


Within the grounds of the fort, you can also feel the love given to our National Hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal. A shrine was built to express gratitude towards his greatness in helping us to fight for our sovereignty. Rizal was incarcerated inside this fort before he was executed in Bagumbayan. (Now Luneta Park)
Continuing the tribute to our beloved hero, Fort Santiago also preserved one of Rizal’s famous literature, “Mi Ultimo Adios”.



Lastly, as we reached the end of the fort,  we witnessed the beauty of the Pasig river as the sun sets. The river served as a division of a life between the modern-day city and the historical era.


Until next time,
Larrem Atienza 🐼


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