Lovestruck: Things you should NEVER EVER do after a BREAK-UP

#1 Being HARSH to your own self.

I know how tempting it is to eat a whole bag of chips while having a broken heart. It’s normal but NEVER abuse it. You may enjoy munching every bit of your chips one at a time but I am sure that you will never like the self loathing stuff that comes right after this gluttony. Instead of indulging yourself with your unhealthy thoughts, why not get your booty up and start working out. It may help you not only to stay fit but also to let you feel good about yourself.

#2 Making friends with Alcohol.

Drinking occasionally is never wrong but drowning yourself to Jack or Johnny is not a good idea. Alcohol can never kill the pain that’s inside of you permanently. But what it can do is to give you a major hang-over. Plus a wasted face. I can never imagine looking at someone more horrendous than Lindsay Lohan’s mug shot. Love yourself!

#3 Isolate yourself.

You are too precious to be in a silent room. Go out, eat with your friends or make new friends. Encourage yourself to do the things that you always wanted to do. (Good things of course) Live outside your comfort zone.

#4 Share your story to everyone.

Never ever ever tell your story to everyone. Some of them are just curious as to what happened and who knows some might be happy about it. Stop soliciting sympathy about your heartache. The more you hold on to it, the longer it is for you to move on. Take one step at a time. You can move forward

#5 Hold on to things that remind you of your ex.

Throw away all those that trigger memories . You don’t need to be reminded everyday that it’s over. Use this to re-organize your stuff. It’s similar to detoxification. Removing the crap out of your system to be healthy.

#6 Stalk.

Shame on you! Dump him or her and all of the people that you are both connected with. If you are well decided to move forward, block them in an instant. It’s easy to track him or her with these outlets, we are not dogs to follow them around. Make room for your new friends.

#7 Getting even.

Just get over it.

Until next time,
Larrem Atienza 🐼


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