5 Things I’d tell MY teenage self.

If I will be given the chance to talk to myself, here are somethings I want my “youthful” self to know:

1. Be proud – Don’t be embarrassed of who you are and avoid comparing yourself with others. No one is perfect. Embrace your inner beauty and live a great life alongside your imperfections. Our flaws made us unique. It is one of the attributes that separate us from the normal. Never degrade yourself for being someone you’re not. Instead make the most of who you are and be the best of who you can become. It is easier to be happy if you look beyond your imperfections than seeking happiness by trying so hard to make everything perfect.

2. Don’t rush things – Everything that we ask for comes in the most appropriate time. The only thing that we need to do now is to wait. Patience is indeed a virtue that we must impose into ourselves. I grew up being impulsive and I have this attitude that if I want something, I want to have it now. What I want myself to learn is that rushing things can sometimes lead to undesirable results. We should take our time to study what we really want and know why we want it.  God is never early nor late in granting our desires. Faith in His timing can give us more than what we hoped for. It never fails.

3. Live Healthy – Be fit. Get fit. While you are still young learn how to live right and eat right. As we grow old, our body will have the tendency to deteriorate especially if we exposed ourselves too much to an unhealthy lifestyle. Achieve the body that you want to see yourself having. Work out for it! Sweat for it. Remember that it’s better to eye on fat-loss than pushing yourself in attaining weight loss. Be comfortable on your own skin. Never look for shortcuts. No pain, No Gain. Everything will be worth it.

4. Spend more time with your family.– I know that being a teen, you’ll have some night-outs, unplanned road trips, bar-hopping, going to the mall and hanging out with friends. I understand that we are all too excited to experience freedom but remember to always find time to bond with your family. Make the most out of your weekend with them. Get to know more about your mom and dad. Catch up with your sister and build a connection. You might find out things about them that you were never aware of. It’s always great to spend time with our loved ones. Every moment is special. The happiness is genuine. Priceless.

5. Always be thankful – With all the things that you are experiencing in life, learn how to be thankful. Be it good or bad, always express your gratitude. Love life and all the countless blessings that you are receiving. Treasure each lesson learned from failures. Dedicate each day for the Lord and glorify Him everyday to make things meaningful extra special.

There’s so much more I would like to tell my younger self. I want to give her my kudos in keeping her low-key self all throughout her journey. Her being versatile made her learn a thing or two about living a simple life.

Sending a bunch of love because I can see that you learned how to be independent and your still sometimes, have that kid heart within you.

I missed seeing you laughing genuinely but I know someday, I’ll hear that kind of laughter again. Stay free and have faith.

Until next time,
Larrem Atienza 🐼


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