Always Be Kind.

Dear Dad,

I wrote this letter to say ” Thank You”.

Thank you for giving me the most forgiving kind of heart. A heart that is so strong it can forgive all the people that hurt her. A heart that understands even when words weren’t spoken. A heart that believes and a heart that trusts.

Dad, thank you for always telling me that all people are nice and that some are just having a not so good day. That everyone has inner kindness — a heart that’s just similar to yours.

Thank you for always reminding me to be kind. Be kind amidst a misunderstanding. Be kind even if they’re weren’t. Be kind to your enemies. To all who decided to hurt you. To those who pulled you down. To those who broke your heart.

Thank you for making me forgive those who hurt me even though they didn’t ask for forgiveness. Forgive even the smallest things, forgive even the meanest ones. Forgive not because I want to but because everyone should be  forgiven. Thank you for reminding me that a heart that forgives, contains inner peace.

Thank you for always telling me that being emotional is not a bad thing and that crying doesn’t mean you’re weak. Thank you because despite the fact that I am shaking, you appreciated the strength within my heart.

Thank you dad for always telling me that “revenge is never an option”. That when someone hurt me so badly, never try to hurt them back. Revenge is something we should avoid and that it will never do anything good to both sides. At first, it was never easy to accept since revenge and getting even is tempting. But telling me to divert my pain into something creative meant something even better for me.

Many wouldn’t understand why you never chose to fight back when people were hitting you low. Many thought that you’re scared. Many belittled you. But only a few saw how tough you were to never let them drag you down.

I am more than proud that because of you dad, I have found serenity and happiness in the joys of forgiving. And that my heart is happy to always be kind. Every tear was a story of bravery and overcoming pain. And that every downfall is a step closer to achieving victory.

Thanks dad for imparting me the wisdom to be the kindest. It was never easy but it’s something that gives me the will to move forward.

Until next time,
Larrem Atienza 🐼


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