Humblebrag – (adj.) bragging disguised with humility – Harris Wittels

As we, the millenials, paved our way into this new era, many of us coined new terms that define the kind of lifestyle we are now into. Clever right?

And one of the best example of which is the new famous term, humblebrag. It is a new way of praising oneself or announcing to the world how blessed his/her life actually is.

If you haven’t had any clue of what a humblebrag post looks like, then here are some ideas that you might come across to.

1. The Self-Proclaimed Workaholic

If you tried posting online a photo of yourself working, your office table, your computer or even your workloads bragging about how lucky you are with your new “awesome” job hence shouting to your feed that you’re happy being stressed out and busy, then you are a humblebrag. (No one is happy being stressed out my dear. No one.)

2. The Self-Proclaimed Shophalic.

This kind of human being is somewhat similar to the first one. However, this person is shouting out to the entire Facebook world or Twitterverse how tiring it is to shop, shop and shop. All daaaay. They sometimes show this “timid” facade while sharing how well-privileged they were to have the money and the opportunity to splurge it without limitations. #shoptilyoudrop

3. The Foodie on a diet.

Yes yes yes. This is your dear friend who claims that he/she is on a diet but wouldn’t stop posting unhealthy, carb-loaded, oil-covered food on his/her page. #cheatday #cravings #temptation #mustresist

4. The “Unworthy” Selfie

Because vanity is a temptation. Narcissistic vibes are everywhere. Likes can boost confidence. We are all guilty of this. Sometimes, we try to post our “not so ideal” photo online and captioning it with a negative phrase to gain positive comments from our friends. Some will tell us how good-looking we are and we will certainly feel good about it. Are we trying to do a reverse psychology on ourselves? Haha. #barefaceselfie #nomakeup #nofilter #aunaturale #justwokeup

5. The Perfect Boyfriend/Girlfriend.

Okay, so for those who know me, I am guilty of this. Basically, this post starts with letting your friends know how lucky you are with your partner. How awesome he/she is. How blessed you are with him/her. That he/she is an answered prayer. And the list goes on. The funny thing about this is the question “what if you two part-ways?” Hahaha. Well, let’s just say that based on my experience, the joke’s on me.  #forever #relationshipgoals

Do you know someone who’s a humblebrag? Are you a humblebrag? I am. Haha.

Until next time,
Larrem Atienza 🐼


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