Overcoming Jealousy.


Feeling jealous about something or someone is a human nature. If it’s mild and well managed, jealousy can help a person appreciate what they have and adds more fire to achieve something they really want. However, too much of something can be a little tricky at some point.  When one wallows too much on jealousy, it can destroy relationships and damage one’s emotional stability. 

And to avoid being blinded by this emotion, here are 4 healthy ways to deal with jealousy.

1.Give yourself a break.

Free your mind from stress. Take a deep breath and clear your thought. Pay no attention to all the negative things happening around you and learn to focus on yourself.

2. Learn to give compliments.

Giving a genuine compliment is an ultimate body booster. Instead of being nosy about someone’s achievement, be the source of happiness. Be positive. Remember that everything you give will come back to you many times over. 

3. Focus on your goals.

Never entertain something that will not be beneficial to your success. Know your plans. In order to reach your goals, you need to work like a laser beam. If we spend our time being envious of our colleagues, siblings or friends, distractions can consume you little by little. Be 100% responsible of your own journey.

4. Never compare.

There will come a time in our lives that we will unconsciously fall into the alluring trap of comparing ourselves to someone. Comparison becomes a dangerous daily habit as we always try to make an accurate evaluation of ourselves. Instead of wasting our time comparing our own self to other people, why not try to compare ourselves to ourselves. Always check for your own growth. Make a list of your achievements. Know what progress you’ve made towards your goal. These can develop self- appreciation and contentment. Your thought pattern will change and things will be lighter.


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