Single’s Guide to Valentine’s Day


Got nothing to do on Valentine’s day? Check out these cool ideas that might lift up your mood.

Treat Yourself
Today is your day to eat on your diet. Eat and drink whatever you want. Pamper yourself. For girls, go to a spa. Go shopping. And for guys, go watch a movie. Drink. Play video games. A well-deserved “ME TIME” is perfect for this day.

Heart’s Day is also a FAMILY day
Though we are living in a word where Valentine is synonymous to being in a relationship, take this opportunity to go out with your family. Dine at your favorite resto. Nothing beats celebrating this day with the group of people who truly accepted you and your imperfections. Unconditional love at it’s finest.

Go out with your friends
I know. I know. I’ve been there. This day could be extra special if you have your significant other celebrating with you. But the point of this post is that, you are single. Imagine going out with your barkada. The peer that has the same interest as you do. Wouldn’t it be more fun to share stories over a tower of beer and some sizzlers? I bet there will be unlimited laughter and good vibes.


Discover the good in being single
Don’t spoil the day having depressing conversation about you not having a significant other. Instead find the good within your status. Have a meaningful talk with someone who understands what you’re feeling. Think about why your are single, the difficulties of being in a relationship and more importantly, the beauty of being single. The heart loves it when it’s light.

Choose one and Participate.
Since Valentine’s Day is a weekend, here are some go-to events that will make you enjoy your life as it is.


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