Hello Whatever! : Lost Phone x Password Mishap

So yesterday, I was on my way to work when these two guys pulled my bagpack and took away my phone. Everything happened quickly that I couldn’t even process the whole situation that occurred. It was a mix of confusion, denial and disbelief. I was sad for a bit but then I realized that I should be thankful because I am safe. When I arrived at the office, I immediately revoked the mobile access that I had to all of my social media accounts. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr etc.) However, when I am trying to access this blog, things got pretty messed up. I forgot my password.

I had several attempts in recovering this account. I tried sending reset links to my email which I also forgot the password. HAHAHAHA. It was not until today that I became blessed. It totally slipped off my mind that the password part was case sensitive. I was trying to type in the password using upper-case letters when in fact, it should all be in lower case. When I finally got the chance to log in to this account, I immediately wrote down my password for future reference. (Talking about being forgetful as well) I am just so happy that I can finally blog again and share my experiences with everyone. It was indeed a close one.


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