WanderWoman: Must- See Street Art across Metro Manila

Street Art is a visual art created in an unconventional environment. Too far from the traditional setting, the birth of the graffiti pave it’s way to a new and more diverse representation of passion.

Since Manila is a free and liberated city, I have witnessed how the concrete jungle made a room for some eye-popping masterpieces. Here are some of the artworks I’ve seen throughout my journey in Manila.

Sculpture in Fully Booked BGC


Composed by over 3,000 worth of books about romance novels, this image of a woman holding a pink male cat was an artwork exhibited in Times Square, Hong Kong. When Fully Booked acquired the masterpiece, they invited Mike Stilkey to Manila to install this sculpture standing for about 24 feet.

Makati Central Business District Walkway and Underpass.


Adapting to the fast-paced lives of the people from the corporate world, several independent artist from the country were commissioned to beautify the walkway and underpasses of Makati Central Business District. Among the invited artists were Geloy Concepcion, Kookoo Ramos, Nemo Aguila and Rai Cruz. Their works stretches along the elevated walkway from Dela Rosa to Greenbelt and also the ceilings of the Makati Avenue underpass in Ayala.



Bonifacio Art Foundation Inc. and other international artists gathered together to change the face of the city. Every year, BAFI sphere-heads a week-long mural festival around Bonifacio Global City. The artists work on gigantic walls riding lifts and spray paint for hours at a time. To know more about the festival and their art check out, ART BGC.


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