Hello Whatever!: Choosing Happiness



In choosing happiness it doesn’t mean you are never going to feel sad or mad again, it simply means you are choosing to look at the positive spin of things. If I could tell you how many times I’ve chosen to be angry over nothing, you can probably imagine that I would have had a very miserable day. This is why choosing to be happy and putting yourself first, above all else, is so incredibly important. Not only for your sanity but the overall outcome of your life. There will be obstacles along the way which test our attitudes and our actions, but none of these things are final. There is always room for improvement, for forgiveness, for moving forward. In choosing to be happy you are creating a sense of peace and joy in your heart. If there is one thing you will get out of this, it is that you will never regret choosing to be happy with who you are.

Embrace yourself. Love yourself. You are so incredibly worth it to be happy.


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