Hellow Whatever!: Keep Growing


They look at you for where you’re at today, but they don’t stop to think about where you’ve just come from. The obstacles you fought to overcome, the pain you had to endure, the sacrifices you had to make just to be here. And the issue is just that – people look, but they don’t see. They don’t stop to consider what kind of story might belong to the person their eyes are so fixated on, yet their mind is so disinterested in getting to know. They’re blinded by their own ignorance. Their lack of experience has them convinced that life is handed to everyone on a shiny silver platter, just as it was for them. They see life only through their lens, disregarding all the areas and walks of life that live beyond what their simple-minded sight encompasses. The truth is, they don’t know your truth and if they show no interest in wanting to – they don’t deserve to. Your story is your truth. Your journey, the way you walk and the pace in which you walk at, is yours. To have and to share with whomever you deem worthy enough to hear it. Don’t ever let the mind of someone too ignorant to understand, make you feel as though you are not someone to be proud of. That your journey, is not one to be honored. That your life, is not one to be celebrated. Perhaps, if more people knew what glowing and growing looked like, they would begin to emulate instead of speculate.


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