PIG OUT: Hana (Little Tokyo)


It was a typical weekend me, but since I am always into strolling around the metro to eat, I decided to spend my day at a place called Little Tokyo.



Little Tokyo is a small spot located at the South of Makati. A quiet block comprises of small Japanese restaurants, plenty enough to satisfy your palette. Authenticity at its finest — that’s what makes this place stand-out. You can see Japanese expats dine here to taste and feel home.

As I passed by every cranny of this haven, the Japanese vibe will embrace you entirely. I was overwhelmed with the facade of each bistro and surely, can’t wait to try some ramen and tempuras. I settled in at Hana.


Hana, an izikaya fronting Little Tokyo, caters to all food seekers wishing to chew down veritable Japanese cuisines. Looking at the food selection, the menu is not that complex. They eye on dishes that can be prepared fast and efficiently through their small space.  I decided to have their famous Shouyu Ramen and Mixed Fry Tempura. I also heard that they offer the best takoyaki among all the joints there, however, it was already sold out when I arrived.

The ramen was awesome. They say it’s a crowd favorite. I’d definitely agree. Firm noodles with flavorful broth topped with green onions, thin-sliced pork and seaweed, definitely appetizing. Afterwards, I devoured on the mixed fry tempura (shrimp and veggies all-in-one) and a bowl of steamed rice.
The owner and the staff were very accommodating. I love how they respond to their customer’s order and you’ll notice that despite the busy day, they managed to smile all-throughout the day.
  • Take the MRT to Magallanes Station
  • From Alphaland ride a jeep with PRC sign.
  • Ask the driver to stop at Makati Cinema Square. (Little Tokyo is right beside it.)


  • For some restaurants, last orders for lunch are taken at 1:15 PM, and business resumes at 6:00 PM. Dining in Little Tokyo can be pricey, but you can save if you come with friends and order as a group!
  • Budget travellers’ tip: Visit Little Tokyo during lunch hours (11:30 AM-1:30 PM) to avail of lunch sets that are cheaper than evening fare.

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