Things you should NEVER say / ask a girl

For the guys: Ever wondered why a girl got offended when you asked something? Does it puzzle you? Them feels man! Not that I am a guy, but my guy friends had the same dilemma as well. They find us very sensitive and complicated. (Which I want to disagree!)

Below are some infamous one-liner a guy should never tell a girl.



“She’s just a friend.” – If she’s attractive and single, girls see her as a threat. If she really is just a friend, let us know the reason. Is it because she’s not your type, she has a boyfriend, she has an annoying personality? We like to be reassured that you’re not secretly into your “friend”.

“I’ll call you tonight at 8pm.” – If there’s one thing girls are really good at, it’s remembering things. If you tell her that you’d call by this time, expect that she’ll be sitting by her phone at least an hour earlier. My point is, never tell her you’d do something if you never meant it, because chances are, you’ll set her hopes high and may dispose her to not trust you ever again.

“She’s hot!” – We like to think that, at least in your eyes, we are the most beautiful woman on the planet. Pointing out that the girl in the really short, pink dress is attractive will not earn you any brownie points. Besides, we don’t want to know if you think anyone else is hot, so zip it!

“Did you gain weight?” – This doesn’t even need an explanation. Worse, if you tell her straight, “YOU’RE FAT.” Best thing to do if these words slipped out? Run away!

“My ex never/always/used to…” – If your ex is still on your mind so much that you need to constantly bring her up, then why are you dating us? Relationships are difficult enough without the ghost of your ex floating around. Either get back with her or shut up.

“You remind me of my mom.” – Do not compare your mother to your girlfriend unless you’ve made it clear that you absolutely adore your mother and think the world of her. However, if you continue to compare your girl to your mom, then you might as well date your mom instead.

“Did we have plans?” – If we made plans together, then expect that by nature, us girls would be prepping up for you. Perm our hair, do our make-up, choose the perfect outfit. Simply put, we’d be making an effort to look good for you. So please don’t rain on our parade by playing dumb enough to forget or there will be hell to pay.

“Call me.” – What the heck is that supposed to mean? That you don’t plan on ever calling us again? That you want us to call you next time? That you’re unsure how we feel about you and you want to see if we’ll call? There’s too much room for misinterpretation here, so just don’t use either of these ambiguous expressions. Your job is to call, our job is to wear the high heels.

“I love you.” – Don’t say it unless you mean it. These are very powerful words, and you just don’t say it for the heck of it.

“How old are you?” – If the woman appears to be anywhere near 30, do not ask her age. If you really must know, you can make an educated guess from other information she gives you, such as when she graduated from college. If however, she appears to be under 20, you absolutely must ask, to make sure she is of legal age! You don’t want to get sued!

I am hoping that you had fun reading this one. Don’t stress yourself on small things. A girl’s mind is logical, if you know how to keep it smart, then you’ll get her!


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