Hello Whatever!: 10 Steps for a Longer Life


Hey there friends!

Are you having troubles living a fast-paced and stressful life? You know that I don’t want you to over think much right? So, I have here 10 tips that will help you attain longevity in a healthier and happier way. Excited? Me too.

1.  Shut up.

Try every day for half an hour not to talk while looking through the window. Allow thoughts and mind to be fixed, and feel how you control your behavior. Calming the mind calms blood circulation, reduces pressure and eliminate stress.

2.  Take a walk.

Every day walk for half an hour. Walking activates the body and clears the mind, as opposed to sitting is our natural state. Oxygen and rhythm of your walking will encourage your heart and circulatory system to work better.

3.  Do! Love cures.

Some studies suggest that the hormone oxytocin is secreted even at the sight of a loved one and thereby reduces pain and improves mood.

4.  Quit smoking.

You kill yourselves with over 4,000 chemicals, some of which are pure poisons (eg arsenic), and those who inhale the smoke that you exhale.

5.  Don’t hate and don’t regret.

When you make hatred and remorse in you, you lifting your blood pressure, you create resistance, you slowing blood flow and causes the system feels like he needs to work under a lot of stress.

6. Eat.

The word diet doesn’t mean not eating anything, it means watch what is on the plate.

7.  Hang out, friends are treasures.

Socializing is a powerful antidepressant, causes the secretion of hormones of happiness and lowers the stress.

8.  Have a glass of red wine.

In wine there is truth and health. Red wine contains antioxidants.

9. Breathe deeply.

Proper breathing helps to cut the risk of high blood pressure and myocardial.

10. Control your stress.

Health has no price! Health is worth more than the balance on the account.
Hope you had a great time reading this one. Don’t forget to smile and be happy. Find every good within the bad. A happy heart is a healthy heart.

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