Less Dreaming and More Shopping with LUVOCRACY


Have you heard about Luvocracy?

Luvocracy is a social networking site similar to Pinterest that is a home to the best recommendations of everything a girl could ever think of. I got this site from Lindy Tsang  (bubzbeauty) and she told everyone on her vlog about the beauty of this site. Out of my uncontrollable curiosity, I tried checking into the site to see if it’ll tickle my interest. And yes, it did! 🙂

It is one of the best sites I’ve been to. You can easily look for the things you love because they are arranged per categories and then you can exchange them between you and the people you “trust” ( termed applied to other Luvocracy users). Another good thing about Luvocracy is that aside from just simply looking at those stuff, you can actually PURCHASE your faves! Isn’t that amazing? I find it quite a surprise since some of the merchandise posted on the site are pretty hard to find. (some are customized). And lastly, once you sign up, they will give you $10 as a welcoming gift and you could use it to start your own shopping ventures. I got too overwhelmed with this gift and to be honest that motivate me more to be active on this site.

Luvocracy is just simply the best. It gives you the reality of aesthetics. 

Below is a proof of my $10 welcoming gift 🙂




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