Life Talk: Love Waits.



We do not know when we’re going to feel this thing, where we will find it, and who is the chosen one for us. But there comes a time when you know in yourself that you are falling for someone already, yet you cannot assume since there’s no mutual feeling between you and him/her.


Falling in love for someone is a difficult thing especially if the feeling is very strong. In times like this, it’s either you keep it secretly to yourself or you tell it to other people. One thing that holds you back from saying it directly to him/her is rejection. You’re thinking that doing this might affect your current relationship with that person or it might bring discomfort or even total awkwardness between you two. You didn’t know that chances are there already around you. We are all afraid of rejection. It brings us to deep frustration especially in relationship. But still, there are other people who are brave enough to face the consequences ahead of them. Love makes them strong, I must say. Others just feel it. They feel that a person has something “special” towards them by special attention and giving so much importance. We all have different ways of knowing that we’re in love. If we are brave enough to tell what we feel, then better. But if rejection impedes us from doing so, then wait for the right time.


“— Love waits. It does not rush either. It even takes a long time, (and a hard time), finding for our right one.”


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