PIG OUT: Arca’s Yard



Hey there friends, 

On the edge of town delightfully away from the throngs of tourists, Arca’s Yard has become one of my favorite retreats in Baguio City. The place is perfect. Situated at the tranquil highway of Ambuklao, this calm haven is a mini musuem, library and cafe all in one.





As you enter the gate, the house-turned-cafe will effortlessly showcase the Igorot culture reflecting through the different masterpieces hanging on the walls. Some of the displayed pieces were made by the artist / owner Ninja Sabado.

On the second floor, the yard offers a secluded mini library perfect for book enthusiasts.






When it comes to their menu, I find it limited but adequate. The method of placing out the order is also interesting. First, you need to ring the bell placed on your table and a server will then approach you. We skipped appetizer and focused on our mains.  The server recommended the Crispy Lemon- Orange Chicken and Daing na Bangus. Lastly, for dessert, we swiftly asked for the sweet potato pie. To be honest, I am not really a fan of sweet potatoes, but this one is different. The sweetness and starchiness of the fruit gave a not so empowering but delicious flavor for the pie.



The calm ambiance and panoramic view outside the balcony is priceless. The mountain from the back is breathtaking and the fresh air gives a very homey vibe as you savor your meal while slumping on the wooden floors.

The only comment that I can give to this place is that they lack parking spaces for customers. But all in all, it was an amazing experience.


#777 Tip Top City, Ambuklao Road, Baguio City  ( 0929-325-1868, (074) 442-9706 )




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