Basic Guide: Finding Your Signature Scent


Hey there friends,

Leaving a gentle waft of a heavenly scent is such a lovely way to be remembered, but in order to do so, you must find a scent that speaks to you. The best way to do this is to spend time in trying out different perfumes to see which one most appeals to you. (Note: Please make sure to only sample at least three different scents to avoid confusion #ruleofthumb)

Do you prefer light, flowery scent, powdery or something more heady and spicy? Here are some tricks that will help you to find your own olfactory mark.

  • Avoid the big designer brands. (for those on budget) Instead, head to stores that produce their own distinctive blends using essential oils.
  • Wear your scent lighter by day. And in the summer — use an eau de toilette rather than a perfume or a scented shower gel or moisturizer.
  • In the winter or at night, choose something heavier.
  • Avoid the Coffee Beans. Perfume clerks claim that sniffing coffee beans attempt to reset your scent indicator, but truthfully, they don’t work. Coffee beans have their own aroma and can be considered as strong scents. A work around here is to smell your own elbow that doesn’t have any fragrance. There is magic between your own scent and pH that re-calibrates your nose.
  • Sleep on it. A key to making sure that your get your true scent is to put it directly on your skin. See and smell how it changes over time.
  • Read the bottle. Know the difference between eau de toilette vs. eau de parfum. The highest concentration is in pure parfum. Next would be eau de parfum, then eau de toilette, and finally eau de cologne. The olfactive structure is also modified in the eau de toilette, giving it a bit more freshness and lightness.

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