Hello Whatever!: The Healthy Aid of Crying


Hey there friends!

So today I want to make a post about the benefits of crying. I know I sound weird on this one but believe me guys, sometimes the most pessimistic verb can also give us positive results. You and your body will surely love this, so please stay and read until the very end of my blog. Have fun!

1. Gives us clearer vision.

Tears not only lubricate our cute eyeballs but they also prevent our different mucous membrane from dehydration. No lubrication, no eyesight. It is as easy as that. 

2. Instant Clorox wipes.

We have our own antibacterial and antiviral agent within us. Our tears contain lysosomes that can kill 90-95 percent of bacteria in not more than 10 minutes. To make it easier to perceive, the percentage of this bacteria can cause us 3 months of worst colds and stomach viruses. I won’t want to spend those months lying in bed you know.

3. Emotional Tears fight toxin.

It was found in a study that performed by a Biochemist William Frey that tears from grief and distress contained more toxic byproducts than tears of irritation. But don’t worry to much about it, the good thing here is that they actually remove toxins from our body that was built up due to stress. Think of having a natural therapy session for less.

4. Tears can boost your mood.

Are you familiar with your body’s manganese level? Well I am not. It was said that if a person has a high manganese level in the body certain things like anxiety, emotional disturbances, fatigue, irritability and the likes can occur. Crying can lower a person’s manganese level hence making you feel a little better. A light mood is a better than a distraught one.

5. Fight Stress. 

According to Bergman, he mentioned there that tears remove chemical built up in our body caused by stress. Just think of tears like sweat. When we work out to release them, we feel much better. In the opposite track, suppressing tears can cause stress. So instead of having them in, let it out. I am with you here. Avoid heart problems and high blood pressure as well. 

So if there comes a time in your life where in you just want to cry and let it all out, don’t hesitate to do it. Remember it’s better to be open about it than to suppress it. Don’t feel embarrass about showing what you really feel. Cry if you want. I cry too. And that gives me a very good feeling afterwards. Try it. 


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