PIG OUT: Buddy’s Pancit Lucban

Hey there friends!

Buddy’s is a Fiesta – themed restaurant that offers real Quezon province food. Upon entering, the interior is made out of colorful wooden carvings and kipings (colorful rice papers). It has a very homey ambiance offering a pleasant food selection taking you back to the merriment of the Pahiyas festival .


Knowing that it is no fastfood, orders came in after 15minutes. Fresh out of the pan / grill plated to perfection.

This restaurant is the first to introduce the habhab in Metro Manila. Thick, flavorful pancit lucban noodles cooked with a generous amount of toppings like pork and vegetables. The spicy vinegar makes it more flavorful and appetizing.


They also serve other Filipino favorites such as longganisa, sizzling sisig, crab omelet, bulalo, pork barbecue and hardinera.





And if you are have a room for dessert, you will love another province specialty, the budin. Budin is a cassava cake with melted cheese on top.

Since the place have an extensive menu, I have included everything below.


If you are looking for some place different which you can refresh your mind from the toxicity of the city, I am definitely recommending this place. Quality is something that this restaurant greatly values.


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