How to QUIT.


Hey there friends, 

We are born with the stigma that quitting is only for losers. Our minds were then programmed that the word quit shouldn’t be included in one’s journey. But then I started to ask myself, are there any benefits for quitting? Does it always lead to a bad thing? Or should we start figuring out ways to give this word a positive meaning? Then I started to re-evaluate my journey. I started dwelling on to some instances in my life where quitting is the best decision I’ve ever made.

To give another meaning on the word “Quit”, I have here five scenarios that will show you that quitting can also be an option.

  • When you are in the wrong field.

When you are employed in a certain field that isn’t right for you, you’ll be able to tell it by simply knowing how it makes you feel. If the job doesn’t define you and doesn’t maximize your potentials then where you are right now hinders your growth. Look for a job that will challenge you to be more than who you are. See if it is where you fit in. Lastly, consider if it will help you to put your skills to good use.

  • When you are not surrounded by a positive peer.

We are all blessed to have group of friends wherein we can share our lives with. A group that gives us a sense of belonging and a peer that can help us in figuring out ourselves. However, there are times where a peer can also be a root for inappropriate influences that should be put down as soon as possible. If they don’t have good intentions in making friends with you then you should be aware that they are not the perfect circle for you. A true peer wouldn’t bring you down, betray you or even hurt you. If they do not add positive benefits to your life that true friends do, then they should be cut loose.

  • When you are in a bad relationship.

Aside from love, a great and ideal relationship should also be made out of respect and trust for one another. However, if you are in a relationship where you are not treated well, then you should cut the commitment without hesitations. I am also aware that it is not easy. I have been into bad relationships before. But open your eyes and know that you should make yourself a priority. No one deserves a relationship wherein you are not treated properly. Your self worth is more important that staying in a failing relationship.

  • When you are living in a world of bad habits.

Some habits need to be broken. The sooner, the better. We are knowledgeable that it is hard to stop something especially if it became a part of our daily routine. But if we start thinking of the possible outcomes of quitting these habits then we will be motivated in saying no to them permanently. Some habits that are hard to break are as follows: smoking, drinking, gambling and gossiping. If quitting means improving your life and making it better then why not take the risk? Also keep in mind that you are quitting the habit because you are doing it for your own good. You are not doing it to impress someone else. Remove the old habits. Enjoy a new life.

  • When you are your own enemy.

This should be done immediately. Quit being your own worst enemy. Stop hating yourself. Cut off the negative self-talk. It wouldn’t do good on you. Avoid beating yourself up for not trying to be perfect and stay away from dwelling on your every mistakes. You are human therefore you are flawed. To err is something we cannot avoid. Learn to accept your limitations and if you are ready, embrace them. Give yourself a break.

Quitting isn’t always bad.


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