Life Talk: Love beyond Social Media


In this world that is rapidly transforming into a digital realm, I want to remind people why we should take a break from it all and just simply enjoy each others company and embrace love. No social media. Just back to basics. Two people – in each other’s presence.

Remember the 1st stages? Being attracted by their vibe, exchanging numbers, the anticipation of the first real conversation which leads to the first date. Followed by endless late night talks and losing sleep. Road trips, Shopping, romantic walks in the city, driving to high points, sharing stories whilst under the moon light and the lights of the city flickers until sun rise.

Acknowledging the chemistry and formulating a new bond. Phones go on silent so there are no interruptions. Letting your guard down and being goofy. Understanding each other’s sense of humor. Wanting some alone time, but with them of course. Playing nurse when they’re sick. Falling in love with their scent, and how after you hug them, you can smell it on your clothes for days.

The first kiss/the first time you’re intimate. Sharing secrets. Vulnerability. Love letters. Surprises. Sentimental gifts. Flowers. Holidays. Talking about them to your friends. Making it official. Introducing your parents. Reading together at night. Random surprise visits. Hugs/Kisses 24/7. Planning for a future. Driving down roads with beautiful houses.

That wonderful feeling of knowing that they’re just a phone call away. Comforting each other during hard times & when you’re apart, missing them, which allows you to value & appreciate those special moments you actually get to share.

We have become so preoccupied with social media and this digital life, that sometimes we forget the importance of appreciating our real life connections. Put the phone down & spend some quality time with each other & vibe. Nothing compares & nothing can measure. Don’t jeopardize real life connections for this digital realm – If you have something worthwhile, value it. keep it. You will never find a new one.


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