Coffee Talk: How to Win Over your Boss



It will be a major leap if you and your boss share the same interests. There are more things that you can talk about other than just work. This is integral in creating trust between you and your boss.  (Don’t over do it. Never pretend you like something same as your boss. Let it come naturally.)


Being able to deliver what is asked from you and being able to manage your boss’ expectations– those are the things that will keep you in the clear. Doing more that what is required from you is a safe bet for getting on his or her good side. (Don’t over do it. Don’t do something beyond your expertise.)


Don’t take things personally. There will be times you can get in an argument with your boss because of work but at the end of the day, you have to make sure that when you leave the office, it’s clear to both of you that it is just work and nothing personal. (Don’t over do it. Avoid posting your frustrations about work in your social media accounts. It is between you and your boss. Not everyone should know about this.)





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