#BeautyByYou: Rose Water for Less

Rose water helps reduce any redness and swelling in the skin. It is said to stimulate the circulation of tiny blood vessels underneath the skin. Also, rose water soothes, moisturizes, hydrates and revitalizes the skin while healing scar, cute and wounds. Lastly, the antioxidant properties of rose water help strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissues.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 cup of rose petals (approximately)
  • 1 mason jar / any jar with a lid
  • 1/3 cup astringent
  • 2/3 cups water


How to make the DIY Rose Water:

  1. Place the rose petals in the mason jar.
  2. Combine the astringent and the water in a cup
  3. Pour the liquid mixture over the rose petals. (Make sure you have enough liquid to completely cover the rose petals)
  4. Put the lid on the mason jar. (Place it away from direct sunlight but in a room temperature space for 2 weeks).
  5. After 2 weeks, stain out the rose petals and place the rose water in a clean mason jar.

[ Store in a cool location and use as needed. Keep refrigerated to last longer.]


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