The Hardest Thing about Moving On

I do believe that the hardest thing about moving on after a bad breakup is not learning to trust other people again, but to learn to trust yourself. Because after a break up, there is an inclination to begin to beat ourselves up. We are upset because we feel like we’ve allowed ourselves to be in this position. That it’s our fault for opening our hearts. It’s our fault for missing the signs. It’s our fault that we didn’t leave sooner. It’s our fault for believing in love to begin with.
It is so important after a break up to reconnect with yourself. Yes, reflect and learn from mistakes. But reconnect with your heart. focus on learning all over again what love means to you, what a healthy relationship means to you, what you want out of a relationship. Learn to trust your gut again. Commit to not overlooking your gut instincts because you want to be in love.
Trust yourself again. you know what you want, and you know what you require. No one deserves to be taken advantage of. And no one deserves to have their heart broken. Learn to listen to yourself again. you know better than anyone else what you need.

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