Coffee Talk: Career Decisions



Some of the hardest decisions you will ever make are related to your job.

Should you quit? Should you stay and see what happens? Take a job that requires relocation? Stick to your area when searching for an opportunity?

The questions never seem to end. And I’m at a point where I have to ask myself do I want to wait and see how things play out or take it upon myself to seek an opportunity that can accommodate my career needs.

One thing that makes this decision very difficult is I’ve only been at my job for almost a year. Yeah, I know that is a very short period of time but at this point it’s hard for me to see this position moving in the direction I want it to. Also, I am finding out more about the kinds of jobs I want to take on and the kinds I would want to avoid.

Obviously this decision can’t be made at the spur of the moment but it’s something to take into serious consideration because the worst thing I can do is sit around and waste my time.


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