Coffee Talk: Your Gems at Work


Below are some tips that you need to heed to achieve career growth. 

  • Sustain yourself but don’t let your passion die. 

Find the balance between being practical and finding your passion. You can pursue your passion while holding down a full-time job that pays the bills. If you have enough money and courage to pursue your passion full-time, trust your gut and take the leap!

  • Exercise Tarzan-mode with caution.

You know how Tarzan swings from one rope to another? You can do this when it comes to your career. It doesn’t hurt to keep your options open, especially when you feel you’ve outgrown or exhausted your current job. But make sure you don’t get derailed from your current responsibilities.

  • Get everything done. 

In whatever job you land, do it with everything you’ve got. A strong work ethic is always attractive to employers and bosses, and something you can cultivate. This will show whether you’re content with stapling paper or driven to write something big.



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