PIG OUT: Kanto Freestyle



If you’re always into 24/7 breakfast finds here in Metro Manila then Kanto Freestyle will surely be a hit for you. This fancy kind of carinderia was first introduced to me back in 2014 and since then I’ve been back and forth to this place.

Aside from college students and your typical squad, KF as we call it, is famous to call center agents and those working on the night shift. Serving your all-time favorite Pinoy breakfast, gourmet style, Kanto is a certified go – to for the masses.

Because of their growing fan base, the management decided to spread out their branches all over Manila. So far, I’ve been into 2 of their branches; one in Mandaluyong and the staple tambayan inside Kapitolyo Pasig.

The design of the restaurant is very cozy but rustic. It is a mixture of wooden furniture wit industrial lighting. The vibe is so warm since most of the KF were old houses transformed into a restaurant.

KFB Kapitolyo. Photo courtesy of https://macoypagong.wordpress.com

Every KF branches is jam-packed so it is expected by the regulars that you have to wait for a while just to be seated.

Once we had our table ready, our server handed us the menu with a complimentary plate of chips. Normally, the appetizers will be in a separate order but since we were put on a long wait, it was considered free. Usually, it will take about 15-20 minutes before the food is served.

Every Kanto meals is served with one cup of garlic rice, tomato pesto slices and 2 eggs (either sunny side up or scrambled). The viands will depend on the customer’s choice. They provide a wide variety of pork, beef, fish and chicken meals all the time.

So far, I’ve tried beef tapa, fried chicken, Vigan longganisa and pork belly. Also, I chose scramble as my thirst quencher. 


We also tried their pancakes, champorado and French toasts.


And for dessert, we had grilled buttered suman and deep fried Oreos.


In conclusion, I must say that aside from the long waiting queue, my appetite was fully satisfied. The food is great and affordable. The gourmet presentation is always a hit. The service is fast and the people are amazing. Good job.







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