Life Talk: Jaded



A part of developing and maturing for me has been understanding the importance of having my own definition of what love is. What I consider to be important in a relationship is different from another person, but that does not make my definition or understanding of love less valid.

I am a person who prefers to be in a relationship where I feel independent, free, unfettered, and allowed to be myself. I have no desire to be confined by the limitations of the expectation of dependency in a relationship. I do not believe in changing or conforming my life to another person’s will. For me, a relationship works where there are two people, whole and knowing who they are, with the capacity to love and be loved, where it just fits. I do not believe love should be hard, nor do I believe in giving up who I am and what I value for the sake of being with someone. There are people who will read that and think this understanding of love doesn’t make sense. But what I value so much, in my life and in my relationship, is being allowed to be myself and being allowed to love with my whole heart someone who loves me like God wants me to be loved.

I would say jaded is someone who doesn’t want love period. If you want love, but specifically want the love that you want, I don’t think that would make you jaded.


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