Handling Rejections


Dealing with rejection is never a walk in the park. Different people have different ways in handling rejections, but there is a silver lining to all this sadness. Below are some of the ways on how to cope with rejection.

  1. Channel your anger or bitterness into something more productive. Walk your pet, do your chores, read a book, paint, etc.
  2. Have a great sense of humor.  Use your experience to your advantage by seeing the funny side or things or situation.
  3. Counterbalance the rejection by placing additional focus on the things you’re already involved in.
  4. Retail Therapy or splurging on a great meal. Buy something for yourself to make you feel better. Or better yet, go to the Spa. Relax and unwind. Eat something delicious without being guilty about it.
  5. Use it as a preventive measure in order for you to do better in the future. Take note of your experience with rejection. Learn the pros and cons of what happened. Learn from it.

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