Happy Birthday Mum! 

Happy Birthday to my dearest mum who is supposed to be 56 today. I know mum that if you’re still with us, you will probably party like you are 25. Fun, full of life, no dull moments. We miss you mum. We miss your crazy antics. Your outdated kind of “discipline”. Your unsolicited advices and comments about everything. 

Mum, we miss how you visit our room every night before bed time. We miss how you kiss us on our foreheads. We miss you warm embrace. We miss your jolly vibe. 

Everything is different now mum. But I am happy as to where you are right now, with God. I love you so much and I miss you dearly. Keep on rocking the heavens. Enjoy your special day with dad and Ethan. 

Please guide us throughout our journey. You are the best angel we ever have. 

Until we meet again. 


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