Coffee Talk: Procrastination



Procrastination is an act where we delay something until we cram because the deadline is dangerously close to us. Some procrastinators enjoy this rush because somehow beating the deadline gives them a sense of adrenaline to get things done. You now have a body full of energy. Your focus is now undivided. And most of all, you can work for hours without getting tired or drained.

But with aside from the adrenaline rush and focus, WHY DO WE REALLY PROCRASTINATE? What makes us loiter on our responsibilities instead of moving forward to settle things?

Below are some of the few reasons why we procrastinate. (Based from experience)

  • Focused on doing something else and not the given task. 

We are always trying to avoid doing something we don’t want. We find it unpleasant rather than fun. However, delaying the task won’t make it disappear.

  • Dumbfounded by the task at hand. 

We are lost as to what to do, how to do it, why we need to do it and what’s in it for us? Since we are left clueless, we are always tempted not to do it because it is so much easier. We perceive that procrastinating is a quick form of relief.

  • Bad work ethics. 

There are some of us who were considered as bad organizers. We tend to wait for the last minute before starting the task. We always think that we work well under pressure but to be honest, we’re not. We lax because the deadline is still far. We always overlook at the consequences because we don’t want too much work pressure.



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