Hello Whatever!: Making friends



Making friends isn’t just about finding a person and then connect in an instant. To make friends, you must know how to be a friend. You should know how to assess yourself. Are you reliable, forgiving, understanding, patient, helpful, loyal, etc.? If you know to yourself that the answer’s yes then that would be an easy shot to making friends.

  1. Keep in mind the traits that you’re looking for in a friend.
  2. Learn to socialize. Go out and attend parties, check out some events. Meet new people and introduce yourself. This is a new opportunity to get to know others better.
  3. Learn how to share yourself with others. Open up as they open themselves to you. Plan something together. Go watch movies, eat out, travel. Do something that you both like and enjoy each other’s company.
  4. There’s no perfect time of friendship. Everyone has flaws and sometimes our friends can also make mistakes. When things get a little rocky, learn how to compromise and ignore the flaws if possible.
  5. Always make your friends feel important. If you’re far from each other, message them. Send your regards. Keep your lines open and never wait for months before getting in touched with them again.
  6.  When they feeling down, be there for them. Let them know that you got their back.
  7. Celebrate your success together. Be happy for each other.

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