Face to Face with Loneliness.


There are times when we feel lonely but unsure as to why we feel that way. Sometimes, we cannot help but waking up at the wrong side of the bed feeling stressed out, tired and clueless about what is happening around us. But as it happens, we also think of how to make it stop. Feeling lonely is tiring. You can be fed up with the thought of not doing anything to stop it. But what if we can? What if we can deal with loneliness face to face? How are we going to do it? Let us both try to discover how to get away with it by becoming aware of the feeling.

  1. Personally know that difference with being lonely and needing some alone time. Sometimes, if we are used to being with people, a sudden change of environment may be strange. However, being all by yourself doesn’t mean you are lonely. Being alone is a state of being while loneliness is a state of mind. Loneliness is a constant dull feeling that resonates all throughout the day.
  2. Open up to someone you can trust. Share them your thoughts. Talking to someone can make a huge difference. Being heard and being understood is better than feeling unwanted and abandoned.
  3. Hang-out with people. Exposing yourself to the crowd will help you gain self-confidence. Being busy will help you forget being lonely. Plus, you will be able to discover your own taste and interest through socializing.
  4. Take the initiative to set plans for you and your friends. Go out and have a drink, watch a movie or hang-out. Don’t wait your friends to do it for you. I am certain that you will have fun.

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