What makes a RELATIONSHIP great?


There is really no secret to a great relationship. One cannot say that a relationship was successful because of any luck or chance. Also, the years that the couple have been together doesn’t have that much bearing. A great relationship is a product of pure hard work and commitment. The couple work hand in hand doing what they must do to make the relationship work. The importance of putting forward the “musts” makes it easier for two individuals to set aside their differences and focus on the world they created as one.

Below are some of the relationship “musts” based from couples who made it through.

  1. Have a relationship that is built on trust, faithfulness, honesty and openness. (Don’t keep secrets to your partner. Never lie and avoiding cheating.)
  2. Love each other beyond the physical attributes. Embrace your flaws and never use it against each other.
  3. Respect each other’s personal space.
  4. Listen not to respond but to understand
  5. When having an argument, learn to respect one another and then talk calmly.
  6. Keep the little gesture of thoughtfulness flowing.
  7. Believe in your partner most especially when they are down.
  8. Find some time to bond with each other. Catch up. Sit down and talk. Travel.
  9. Laugh together.
  10. Always remember why you chose the person you are with.

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