Movie Review: Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa

Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa

The Story of Us that Never Was


AKND is a short film that revolved around a day in the life of Sam and Isa. The character of Sam (a determined filmmaker) was portrayed by Nicco Manalo while Emmanuelle Vera played the role of Isa (an aspiring writer). Unlike your typical boy meets girl story, this film started at the very crucial part of the characters’ relationship. Sam and Isa’s romance is a complex one. Even though they’ve been together for six months, there’s an element of forbidden love in the equation. Isa still has Frank, her boyfriend abroad (not shown in the movie). Sam is very much in love with his girlfriend. And even with the odds not in favor of their love, Sam and Isa are trying to make the relationship work. Aside from Frank, Sam’s offer to be in Berlin plays a major conflict in the story.  Sam still hasn’t made a decision whether to accept the offer or not since his only priority as of the moment is to be with Isa.


Most of the scenes were long takes sliced from one of main character’s daily routine. It was essential because it opened the flaws of the character to the viewers. Slack, natural, real.  On the latter, the film was characterized through a very natural exchange of dialogues of the characters. They focused on two unconventional people talking to each other without pretensions. And during the silent moments, the soundtrack of the film narrates lines the actors weren’t able to say. This approached (for me) retained the audience attention to the screen.  As the characters eventually revealed themselves, their natural acting made the film more real. Since the story occurred midway through the characters’ relationship, a significant part of their life was put under the spotlight. They mirror realism – the verismilitude of the events — a part in which viewers might’ve experienced at some point of their life. The feel of the whole story was fun and bittersweet. It is authentic and not melodramatic unlike some typical Hollywood clichés. The plot of the story was in accordance to an average person’s life. It is not ambitious. It is relatable.

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