Fitbit Charge HR



Wearable fitness trackers are very in demand nowadays. From clip-ons to bracelets to watches, everyone who’s into getting lean and healthy is now part of the hype. As the demands rise, many companies compete with each other to prove who’s the best. One of them is Fitbit.
I’ve been a Fitbit user since 2014. It started out with the Zip, One and Flex but one which stands out for me was my Charge HR.
Package includes:
  • tracker, warranty and manual, charging cable, dongle
Charging Cable and Dongle

Essential Features

  • Wrist based pulse reader and simplified HR zones
  • Records workouts and all day activities (track steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes)
  • Caller ID (gets call notifications with compatible devices)
  • Watch (see daily stat and time of the day)
  • Exercise Mode (record workouts to get real time stats and post workout summaries
  • Automatic recognition of exercise and records in immediately in the Fitbit app. (available in App Store, Google Play and Windows Store)
  • Auto Sleep and Alarm (Monitor sleep routines and set a silent alarm (vibrates)
  • Wireless Syncing (stats update wirelessly and automatically to smartphones (via bluetooth) and computers (via dongle).
  • Long Battery Life (full battery can last up to 5 days)
Fitbit Charge HR when worn



  • Almost accurate heart tracking
  • Metallic buckle is better that the usual Fitbit clasp.
  • Works with Apple, Android and Windows.
  • Slim design and not bulky
  • Water and sweat resistant
  • Easy to connect to computer and other third-party devices.
  • Simplified Dashboard (app)
My Fitbit App Dashboard


  • Itchy went sweaty
  • Small screen
  • LED display turns off easily
  • Not waterproof
  • Unable to swap band colors (unlike Flex)
  • No GPS tracker for runners


Charge HR is a decent fitness tracker that provides user a lot of features perfect for daily activities. With the Charge 2 up on the market, I am expecting a better advancement to compensate the cons I have listed above.


Other Fitbit trackers.


Fitbit One and Fitbit Flex
Fitbit Flex

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