Tattoo Pegs for 2017

I am excited to get my first tattoo next year. I have been eyeing on getting one since I turned 18. My tattoo fascination led me to putting this idea into my bucket list. However, unlike the usual colorful loud tattoos, my plan is to have something minimal but personal.

Here are some of the ideas that I have.  (Photo courtesy of Pinterest)

I would love to have the coordinates of our old house tattooed on my forearm. (Brings me closer to home)

13° 56′ 39.81″ N
121° 36′ 36.02″ E



I want something meaningful and mysterious at the same time. Translating my favorite words or phrases into braille or Morse code seems exciting.

Ephesians 2:8 — “by grace through faith”


Who wouldn’t want a constellation within reach? Mine will be my sign.



My feminine side needs a room for ink. I chose a wildflower.



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