PIG OUT: Sessions Gallery Cafe



Sessions Gallery is one of the newest cafes in Baguio City. The place is a mixture of a spacious coffee shop and a hip gallery showcasing the best masterpieces of Baguio’s very own artists.
Located at the heart of Session Rd, the cafe is just few steps away from SM Baguio, Porta Vaga and Baguio Cathedral. Once inside, you will immediately see art in different forms. The cafe shows photographs, paintings and wooden sculptures reflecting the city’s lifestyle and culture. The dining setting is very casual. The customers can use the normal tables and chairs or lounge on their comfy pillows and bean bags.
The interior is very vibrant and homey. Inside the cafe is a huge wooden tree with colorful sticky notes served as leaves. The notes posted were made by different people who visited the cafe. I find every note entertaining. Some were motivating n and others were cute doodles.
Most of the photographs mounted on the walls reflect the daily lives of the people living around Cordillera region . They also exhibit the city at night, the natural beauty of Sagada and the famous Panagbenga Festival.


The cafe’s menu is extensive. They have wide varieties of teas and coffees. Some may be served cold while others, hot. You can match your drink with a cake or a pasta of your choice.


Aside from their good food and impressive art walls, Sessions Gallery also have an assortment of board games the customers can enjoy. From the classic Snakes and Ladders to Monopoly, these games are not beyond anyone’s reach.




411 Jose De Leon Center III, Session Road
Baguio City, Philippines
+63 906 568 5584
Sun – Sat 09:00am – 12:00am
This is not a sponsored article.
My reviews are based from my honest opinions and personal experience.
Also, the photos posted are mine not unless stated.



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