Coffee Talk: Maintaining Motivation


1. Make your goals realistic and attainable. There’s no harm in dreaming big for as long as you’re doing your best to make all of them achievable.

2. Learn how to reward yourself. It is more exciting to focus on success especially when you are looking forward to a special treat.

3. Never give up. Failing is normal but what’s important is you focus your mind in renewing your determination. Always expect to have set-backs and to encounter obstacles.

4. Always believe in yourself. Look at the positive side of things so that when you feel discouraged, you have something to hold on to.

5. Seek encouragement. It’s okay to share your goals with other people. (family, friends, colleagues). When you’re finding it hard to keep going, entreat. Your support group will surely back you up.

6. Keep your eyes away from distractions. Learn how to say no even if other options might seem appealing. They might distract you from achieving your goal.

7. Be inspired. Read some inspirational novels, blogs or quotes that will encourage you to work to achieve your goal.

8. Rest. You need to pace yourself if you are going to pursue your goal. Avoid getting burned out or demotivated.



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